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Our Community Lifestyle

A Wonderful Active Lifestyle


Our Activities and Wellness Director takes charge of our daily activities at Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way. We offer a wide range of activities everyday including dining out, parties, off site excursions. Residents are challenged daily with various activities that engage the body, soul and spirit. Three times a week “Sit & Be Fit”, a low impact exercise is offered to all residents. Games that engage the mind and encourage co-ordination are offered daily. Physical activity is also encouraged through fun and silly activities such as “fly swatter volleyball”, “stretch & toss” and even high tech Wii activities such as bowling, tennis and others have been incorporated. One day each week, creativity is encouraged through a “show & tell” activity – staff or other people bring crafts, hobbies or something of interest and explain it. Diverse church services, as well as bible study & prayer are organized both internally and from the community. Our popular weekly “happy hour” provides a social setting where residents can relax; enjoy wonderful snacks from our kitchen, listen and sing to live music by our talented residents. Monthly, we enjoy a trip to a local restaurant for “Out to Lunch”. Each month a special birthday dinner is prepared in honor of those who are celebrating their birthday and they are encouraged to invite family and friends. Holidays and special occasions are celebrated with appropriate and festive atmosphere. Our Annual Chocolate Extravaganza on Valentine’s Day has become a signature event at Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way. We also celebrate other parties such as High Tea, Hawaiian Days and even re-enacted our local historical Meaderville Dinner. We also continue with our traditional antique car show and barbeque event in the summer. Entertainment is brought by children as well as adults and includes singing as well as vocal talent. Additionally, special speakers are highlight interesting topics each month.


Strong, Caring Professional Relationships

Working together with all professional affiliations we continue to build referrals and leads. Meetings we have had at Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way.  Montana Independent Living Project,  St. James Healthcare Diabetes Education Committee.

Partnering with the Local Neighborhood Community


Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way offers daily and weekly events for our community. We host business lunches/dinners with our professional affiliations monthly. Our annual antique car show and barbeque is held each summer in our parking lot. This not only draws lots of public awareness to our community but we also donate all proceeds from this event to a non-profit organization geared towards Seniors. We have an Annual Art Show Gala planned each year in January with the public invited. Press releases are sent to advise the public of our weekend and future events when the public is invited. Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way is a proud sponsor of the “Walk to end Alzheimer’s” and Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way hosts an annual Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours function which draws in even more professional affiliations to our community.


Fine Dining

Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Wayr is pleased to offer restaurant style dining with service you would expect in a fine restaurant. Offering a different menu everyday our residents enjoy items such as herb baked chicken, roast beef, baked ham, homemade pies, soups and much more. Feel like just a salad and sandwich we offer different deli style meats and cheese for the light eater. Residents have a choice of a hot cooked to order breakfast served everyday along with our continental breakfast buffet bar as well. We serve meals to accommodate various types of diets especially diabetes. We have special dinners for holidays, birthdays and we cater to any special event here at Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way. Barbeques in the summer time in our courtyard and we even barbeque breakfast once in a while. We really listen to what the residents want and like. Big Sky Senior Living On Waterford Way offers two private dining rooms for family and their loved ones to enjoy any special occasion that come up which is also catered by our excellent kitchen staff. Our dietary department has a combined 35 + years of culinary experience.